Authentic Championship Southern BBQ.

Our mobile cooker can be transported to your party and the food prepared onsite. Whether it is a company picnic, wedding, birthday party, graduation party, game night or any other special occasion, Amberwood BBQ can cater your next event.

We also offer a drop off service during the off-season. Choose from a basic delivery or a full set up that can include tablecloths, chafing dishes, napkins, cutlery, plates and servers.

Our Self Serve Buffet menu starts at $9 per person for our mid-week lunch special. Customize your order by selecting the meats and sides you would like. Please send us an e-mail using our contact us form with as much information about the event as possible and we will be happy to provide you a quote promptly.


The Menu:


The meats:

Pork Back Ribs: Our meatiest ribs served as they weigh over 2.25-2.5lbs uncooked . Slow smoked for six hours

Pork Side Ribs: A fattier cut with slightly more flavour. They are a less meaty cut than back ribs.

Pork Tenderloin (Char Siu): A combination of east meets south made with a Chinese spice blend.


Beef Ribs: A smaller short rib that is both meaty and flavourful.

Beef Brisket: What Texas BBQ is all about- it takes 14 hours to achieve the perfect taste. We use local, hormone free and antibiotic free beef.


Chicken: Whole or portioned. It makes a great entree compliment to a red meat option.


Smoked Sausages: In Mild and Hot Italian and Honey Garlic.


Meatloaf: Comfort food with the added smokey floavour. As a loaf or cupcake.




Menu Ideas:

Here are some of the more popular combinations:


The Quick and Easy:
Made for the lunchtime crowd that needs to eat quickly. In fact, we recently fed lunch to 350 construction workers- served and fed in less than 30 minutes.
Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken sandwiches with pasta salad, green salad and coleslaw.

Ribs and Chicken:
- Pork Back Ribs: slow smoked for 6 hours using maple and hickory woods. Back ribs are very meaty averaging 2.25-2.5lbs pre-cooked.
- Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters.
- 3 sides

The Boneyard:
- Pork Back Ribs
- Pork Side Ribs
- Beef Back Ribs
- smoked wings (hot and mild)
- 3 sides
- and plenty of wet wipes!

A Bit of the Grill:
- Smoked chicken

- Assorted kebabs

- Planked salmon.

Besides the large smoker, we'll bring an additional high heat grill for kebobs and salmon. The recommended sides are our citrus rice, asian ginger coleslaw and a green salad.

Slider Combo:
Sliders with two, three, four or five types of meat.
- Pulled Pork: Our First Place Pulled Pork that is smoked for 12 hours
- Pulled Chicken: Dark meat
- Beef Brisket
- Meatloaf
- Smoked Sausage
- 3 sides

The Cocktail Crowd:
BBQ for a reception is possible. Assorted hot and cold appetizers from the smoker. Here are a list of what is available:
- Smoked sausages with assorted mustards
- Moink balls (smoked meatballs wrapped in bacon)
- ABTs (jalapenos deveined, filled with cream cheese, smoked sausages and wrapped in bacon)
- Stuffed Pulled Chicken Pitas (two bite pitas filled with pulled chicken, roasted red peppers and mango chutney)
- smoked salmon canape
- smoked meatloaf cupcakes

- assorted sliders (pulled pork, brisket, smoked meatloaf)

- cheese and charcuterie platters

Non-BBQ items also available.

Contact Information

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Phone: 613-601-5888

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